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    This 3-page paper is a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for the University of Redlands, located in Southern California. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    of Redlands bills itself as a liberal arts and sciences university -- though the mission statement notes that it also teaches students to think critically as well. What this means  is that, in theory, a student leaving Redlands should have the skills to be able to think critically, make decisions, and generally be a contributing member to society, no matter  what career he or she might end up doing. Strengths. The university has a couple of strengths to help it -- one  of these being an increased student population (University of Redlands, 2004). Additionally the institution enjoys a strong Moodys rating (means its strong financially and not in any trouble of financial  problems any time soon) (University of Redlands, 2004). In addition, the school has a strong reputation for education -- a degree from this school (at least in California) means a  great deal, whether a student majors in liberal arts, business or education. Weakness. One weakness that impacts the college, as it does  many universities in this day and age, is financial difficulties. Though the institution, itself, has been fortunate in terms of alumni contributions, an increased student population and a strong faculty,  the 2004 planning report does ruefully admit that "we remain underfunded -- and hence largely tuition-dependent -- for the quality of our school" (University of Redlands, 2004, 9). This must  mean, the report continues, that tuition will need to increase (University of Redlands, 2004). The higher tuition becomes, however, the less likelihood students would be able to afford to attend.  The rising costs of tuition also means (as well explore in more detail below) that this could change the face of the 

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