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    are engaging in tourist activities where we purposely go and seek the memorials out. Stanford Levinsons book "Written in Stone: Public Monuments in Changing Societies" examines monuments in the United  States, and elsewhere, examining their relationship to our society and examining our relationship to them. In the following paper we examine Levinsons book. Written in Stone We may  wonder, when we do take notice of a memorial or a monument, who was it that put the monument up, or who decided what would go up, and where. That  type of information seems even more obscure and unnoticeable than do the monuments themselves. That is one of the primary topics in Levinsons book, although it is a topic that  often gets a bit lost as Levinson discusses particular monuments and particular perspectives concerning the monuments. One of the most fascinating aspects of Levinsons book is that which deals  with the East European nations. We know that the fall of the Soviet Union took place, but we do not often stop and think about all those precious monuments that  were a very intricate part of the Soviet Union. This particular writer remembers watching a television program about the fall of the Soviet Union, examining Russia today. The program focused  on how the people now have freedom, but dont quite know where to stop those freedoms. As an example they illustrated how an incredibly famous statue of Lenin could be  found to have any number of people lounging all over it at any time of the day. The attitudes, and the respect for the statue were no longer the same.  Even in our country such blatant loitering would not be allowed on a classic piece of art. Levinson illustrates how some of the nations are eagerly destroying old monuments 

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