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    Shakespeare’s Henry V

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    A 4 page paper which examines how Henry V, in Shakespeare’s play, moves through the lower ranks of individuals within the play, learning information and preparing himself to meet with those in power and to take the throne. No additional sources.

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    from those with knowledge and does not rush into anything. He slowly and deliberately gathers information so that he can better take the throne that is rightfully his, while perhaps  also ensuring that, although he does do battle, he will ultimately make very few enemies in the end. In essence, Henry V is looking ahead to his time as ruler,  not merely looking to the present in attempting to take the throne that belongs to him. The following paper examines how Henry moves up through the ranks, so to speak,  learning and interacting with people in order to gain information that is helpful and in order to pave the way for himself as king. Henry V In the  beginning of this play we see Henry V having counsel with several people, some of whom are relatives and in political positions. The important conversation, however, is with the Archbishop  of Canterbury. The Archbishop tells Henry V, "There is no bar To make against your highness claim to France" (Shakespeare I ii). He then proceeds to tell him about various  political struggles and different focuses involving various factions in Europe. In this way Henry V is first gaining information about the political tensions that exist, political tensions that, as king,  he would have to address. This information provides him with a foundational understanding of the various kingdoms and allows him to slowly look at how he could bring people together,  and effectively rule over a kingdom. After he hears much of the information he sends for the ambassadors from France so that he can become friendly with them, indicating that  he believes they have come on behalf of his cousin, not the King of France. Henry V tells the ambassadors, "But tell the Dauphin I will keep my state, Be 

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