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    This 9 page paper is based on a case study supplied by the student, Skyward Aviation want to expand their operations to new routes. A SWOT analysis of the firm and its’ position is presented the options for expansion are considered. A marketing plan using the 4 P’s along with a budget is presented. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    decisions need to be made in order to minimize potential risk at the same time as developing a viable strategy that can be used for entrance into this market. Before  developing a strategy it is important to cut the position of the organization to identify potential opportunities and assess the strengths which can be utilized, as well as identifying weaknesses  and potential threats. For this we can start with a SWOT analysis. There are a number of strengths. The organization is already profitable and running scheduled services services into  similar communities. Therefore, there is a basic understanding of the market. In addition to this, the organization ready has a fleet of 16 aircraft, and is able to exercise  a degree of flexibility regarding which aircraft are used on which route. This means that when setting up the schedules where seats are not selling well for one or more  flights, there is often the potential to switch aircraft in order to control costs. The organization also has a core competency in flying to these types of remote areas, and  information so far demonstrates that despite some initial problems, the organization has been able to gain a high level of royalty, as much as 90% repeat business, for mobilization to  be successful where there is a provision of services of this nature, the ability to gain loyalty is a key success factor (Kolter and Keller, 2008). The organization has undertaken  some strong competitive moves, such as being the first airline flying these local routes to offer food on the aircraft. Skyward Aviation have already entered new markets with very similar  characteristics. In those markets they have adopted an entry price strategy, which has provided effective competition and effectively gained them sufficient market share. There are also weaknesses. The first main 

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