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    Smoking & Increased Prevalence of Lung Cancer in Women

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    A 17 page research proposal for conducting an extensive review of literature on the increased incidence of lung cancer in women and its presumed association with cigarette smoking. The writer offers a matrix that summarizes 12 studies and discusses the various sections of the proposed study. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    cigarette smoking has been printed on cigarette packs since the 1960s. However, research literature on the incidence of lung cancer in the U.S. population reports a disturbing trend that has  alerted public health practitioners to an emerging problem. While the incidence of lung cancer among men has declined, it continued to rise among women and has only recently leveled off.  In terms of risk, the public associates breast cancer with the incidence of female mortality, but the deadliest cancer kill for women is not breast cancer, but lung cancer. Furthermore,  another lung disease associated with tobacco use, COPD, has also had increased incidence among American women in recent decades. The following discussion of literature, first of all, discusses this  situation in more detail, outlining twelve studies that address the topic of smoking and increased lung cancer incidence in women. As this literature review offers no consensus on the issues  involved with this topic, the writer then outlines a research proposal that would expand on the literature review and, thereby, be able to offer a broader synthesis of what research  has been able to discern on this topic to-date. Part A: The relevance of theory to research: Examination of two research studies illustrates, how theory can  be used to guide research investigation, as it can provide a framework on which empirical research can be based. For example, the transtheoretical model (TM) of behavioral change has as  a central tenet the importance of the individuals "readiness to change behavior" and this model has been successfully applied to a range of behaviors that are relevant to public health  (Burke, et al, 2004). In their study, Burke and her colleagues evaluated data obtained from a study sample of abused women to 

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