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    Social Networking and its Future Implications for a Non Profit Making Organization

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    This 22 page paper considers the potential impact that social networking may have on a non profit organization. After an introduction the paper considers three different methodologies before choosing one, and then looks at what is meant by social networking and the way it is undertaken and influencing society already. The paper then moves on to a consequence analysis, discuses the way it will impact in planning by looking at soft systems methodology and finally considering ethical implications. The bibliography cites 17 sources.

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    1. Introduction There is little doubt that technology has changed the world with a technological revolution. The increased potential of processing power and analysis has been leveraged by many  businesses and the changes in the way commutation have impacted equally on business and non commercial users. Changes have been seen in the range, speed and accuracy of communication due  to the technological revolution. Developments such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has allowed business to save on their telecommunications bills and the internet with tools such as web  sites, email and instant messaging has allowed increased levels of connectivity between employers and employees as well as between employees. These aspects of connectivity have been studied and many businesses  have sought to determine the best ways to utilize and fully leverage technology. One change which is widely known, but receives far less attention, especially in the business press, is  that of the rise of social networking using the internet. Social networking is typified with websites such as myspace and facebook, as well as a range of different online  communities that have developed using bulletin board formats and forums, these have taken the idea of social networking further than was possible with the use of the newsgroup format. Communication  is also creating social networking with many of the model gaming platforms, such as through the chat functions within games such as World of Warcraft on the PC and though  gaming that takes place such as on the X-Box 360, where gamers are connected to a network and can communicate as well as play the game.  These are generally seen as a social phenomena, one that is changing the way that individual make contact and stay in touch with each 

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