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    This 3 page paper utilizes an example submitted by a student and psychologically evaluates an immigrant who came to America from Russia. Ego strength and defense mechanisms are explored as well as the role of the social worker involved in the scenario. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    utilized in her decision to embark on this journey, and how she responds to the overall immigration experience, one should be inclined to focus on her autonomous functioning. The importance  of evaluating ego strength under these types of circumstances should not be underestimated (Durst, 2000). Immigration is a process that has a great deal of psychological consequences. Although under  a great deal of stress, 29 year old Ludmilla maintains a semblance of normalcy. She gets work while waiting in Italy for example and it is only after some time  that she experiences significant conflict. Ludmilla does take with her a sense of mastery in terms of her profession as an engineer. Underemployed in the United States due to  circumstance, she begins to unravel. It is at this time that one begins to see the conflict that she has endured all along but perhaps buried with the use  of a variety of defense mechanisms. She uses the defense mechanism of repression in order to forget about her attachment to her other life. It was easier to just  not think about what she left behind, at least at first. The use of isolation too as a mechanism was to some extent challenged when her cousin decided to get  married. Up until that point, Ludmilla had created and lived a life where at least she had a job and a place to live, but the fact that her cousin  was moving on perhaps prompted feelings of Ludmillas own sense of loneliness. Introjection to some extent plays a role as she feels guilty for leaving her family behind. The  use of most of these mechanisms were maladaptive, but the use of repression to some extent may be construed as a healthy remedy for getting on with life. Unfortunately, when 

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