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    A 14 page paper. The first section is the Introduction of the topic which focuses on two specific plays: Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession and Brecht's The Good Woman of Setzuan. The methodology that would be used in such a study is discussed and the chapters in the paper identified. The major part of the paper is an analysis of each of these plays, including the historical eras in which the authors lived and the plays were written, the themes of the plays and the objectives and purposes of the authors. The writer comments on some of the commonalities of the authors. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    they may write to promote particular political views. This is true of the classical writers such as Chekhov and Shakespeare and it is certainly true of George Bernard Shaw and  Berthold Brecht. Shaw was so outspoken that some of his work was actually banned. There is no indication that any of Brechts work was banned but it did cause a  stir in the public. This purpose of this essay is to explore the sociological and political aspects of specific works by Shaw and Brecht and to demonstrate how they  used these specific plays/novels to educate the public about what was happening. The significance of this exploration is that it adds to the volumes already written about these two authors  and novels. The two plays are Shaws Mrs. Warrens Profession and Brechts The Good Woman of Setzuan. Mrs. Warrens Profession by George Bernard Shaw was written in the British  Victorian Society. Shaw was a socialist and a social reformer and this play was intended to shake up the population by demonstrating the hypocrisies of the society at the time.  This inherently touches upon the political and economic ideologies that were being exhibited in this society. For example, there was very clear and distinct gender discrimination that made it almost  impossible for women to live independently. One of their options was to become successful and financially independent prostitutes. But, Shaw was reaching even further and intended to reveal in this  play how women were treated and thought of. Berthold Brecht was also a reformer but he was a strong Marxist. This was revealed in The Good Woman of Setzuan, a  story also about a prostitute. Brecht intends to show the audience that it is impossible for a good person to remain good when they are living in a corrupt society. 

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