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    In six pages various software assessment methods are considered. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    twenty years or so. One possible cause of this rise is the ever-increasing stringency of rules and regulations being set, whether by the FDA, the IRS, or even the DMV.  This paper-based method of documentation just doesnt seem to be efficient, and the simple software programs that weve implemented are either rapidly becoming outdated, are not up-gradeable, or no longer  support all of a companys needs. The answer to these problems may lie in the new industry-specific software packages that exist today. But how do companies go about finding the  right ones? Today, information technology has become increasingly critical for business success, and businesses demand software that does the job in  an exemplary fashion. Moreover, at the same time software has to perform more tasks, and has become significantly complex. Furthermore, software now has to work within increasingly complex  and heterogeneous networked computing environments. However, in our 21st century -- even augmented by sophisticated tools -- software development is more challenging than ever, and speed/ full functionality are vital  elements for new/ improved software. This essay examines the multifaceted techniques used to evaluate software, and how companies choose between the nearly innumerable and variant systems available today.  The increased complexity of e-commerce and related software makes its development more challenging than ever, despite increasingly sophisticated development tools. In addition, the openness  of the Internet and World Wide Web has augmented competition in the software market, and users are likely to be less tolerant of any software that is not well crafted  for its avowed function. Two of the most important and most difficult questions one can ask about a new software development technique are whether the technique is useful and whether 

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