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    South Korea and U.S. Troops

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    In six pages this paper assesses whether or not there should be an American military presence in South Korea. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    offer this country our assistance if they are threatened with external attack. The current situation is slowly changing and is putting the U.S. more and more in the position  of a supporting role rather than a leading role. Once this issue has been examined, the question then becomes how do we know if this is right or  wrong. How do you make that kind of decision. What factors are involved. U.S. Presence in South Korea - Current Situation  American Soldiers have been stationed in South Korea for about the past 50 years as a peacekeeping force (Jie-Ae, 2002). Their job is to deter possible attacks from  North Korea (Jie-Ae, 2002). South Korea is an important ally to the United States and their size is small when compared with North Korea and the North Korean army  of over one million soldiers (Jie-Ae, 2002). The U.S. has currently strained relations with South Korea by undercutting President Kim  Dae Jung and his policies (Steinberg, 2002). This has happened as the U.S. has taken a very hard line with North Korea while the president of South Korea attempts  to make some concessions in order to promote a peaceful relationship with their neighbors (Steinberg, 2002). Many also argue that President Bush did not treat President Kim Dae-Jung very  well at the Washington Summit (Steinberg, 2002). What Led to U.S. Presence in South Korea The government in South Korea  - The Republic of Korea (R.O.K.) - was established after World War II following UN-observed elections (U.S. - South Korea Relations, 2002). "Northern Korean authorities refused to allow the 

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