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    Spanish Immigrants To America

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    8 pages in length. The writer discusses several pertinent points in relation to Spanish immigration to American: point of origin, immigration, present population concentration, physical characteristics, psychological characteristics, natural skills and abilities, subsequent job recruitment, role and status definition in the family, socialization of young, how original language relates to present speech patterns, aesthetics, religion, traditions and customs, economics, political participation, nativism, level of assimilation and current trend of prejudice/discrimination. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    century that Spain had effectively established a presence, as its people sought to attain unprecedented social and economic opportunity (Anonymous discnationimmig.html). II. PRESENT POPULATION CONCENTRATION  "The Spanish Gypsy community, which has its own cultural identity, is the countrys largest ethnic minority whose population is calculated to be between 300,000 and 350,000  people. A part of these groups is not integrated socially owing to various historic reasons and the rapid processes of social change that Spanish society has undergone" (Anonymous minority.html).  III. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Dark skin and dark eyes are two of the primary physical characteristics associated with Spanish immigrants in America. As well, a penchant for starchy  foods, which is a primary component to the Spanish diet, renders their teeth more prone to decay and, therefore, more tooth repair. IV. PSYCHOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS-VALUE SYSTEM AND INTERESTS  Aside from family and religion, music and food represent two of the most important interests in a Spanish immigrant community. Value system is comprised of moral and ethical considerations  as a God fearing people. V. SKILLS AND ABILITIES BROUGHT WITH THEM Spanish immigrants brought many skills and abilities with them when they settled in America. Crafts  such as ceramics, pottery and basket weaving represent an enormous dexterous talent that was instrumental in maintaining the survival of ancient Spaniards. As well, their cooking prowess has turned  into an American favorite choice of fast food and gourmet cuisine alike. VI. SUBSEQUENT JOB RECRUITMENT For the most part, Spanish immigrants occupy manual labor positions from maintenance  to road repair to after hours cleaning crews. This compromised economic status has been blamed as the result of lower education or a lack of ambition; however, one may 

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