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    This 19 page analytical paper examines Starbucks, the well known international coffee chain. Based on a case study written in 1996 the paper presents an in-dept SWOT analysis for the company for that period of time. The paper then presents some potential strategies for the future and makes recommendations. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    beans and limited to five stores in Seattle. The change which has led to the brand of Starbucks seen today started when Howard Schultz met the founders through the sale  of coffee makers. Schultz was taken on by Starbucks in order to enhance marketing and sales. After visiting Italy, and seeing the coffee bar culture, Schultz develops the idea of  selling Starbucks coffee through a chain of coffee houses. The owners of Starbucks were not enthusiastic, but this did not put our shops. He developed a business plan and started  to open coffee bars selling Starbucks coffee under the name Il Giornale. The coffee bars were a success. In 1987 Schultz the star owners of Starbucks agreed to sell him  the company for $4 million. With ownership of Starbucks shorts change the name of the coffee party open to Starbucks and history of the company as it is known today  started. Starbucks is now a well-known brand, with a large number of coffee bars and a loyal following from many customers the company is at a crossroads in the case  study provided. In order to determine the strategic options available to the company it is essential that the position of the company internally and externally within its environment is understood.  To analyse the company, at the position it is in the case study, a swot analysis can be used. This will help to identify potential strategic alternatives which can then  be assessed to determine which are potentially the most advantageous for the company. 2. SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis is a tall which helps the examination of a company in its  micro and macro environment. It all looks at the company in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 2.1 Strengths Starbucks 

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