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    Story of the Religious Leader Joshua

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    In five pages this paper discusses what is known about the biblical leader Joshua who was featured in the Old Testament and includes his birth, calling, rise to power, rule, and his death. Five sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    (Shyovitz, 2008). However illustrious he was in his age, his influence has for whatever reason, diminished with the passage of time. There are historians who remain unconvinced that  Joshua actually lived at all. Some argue he was a Jewish myth, not a man, who eventually evolved into the Christian Jesus. There are also a few archaeologists  who claim that any ruins linking Joshua to modern-day Israel are practically nonexistent. But the majority of researchers believe that, despite the mystery with which his life seems to  be shrouded, Joshua did live more than a thousand years before the birth of Christ. Born to Nun in the Ephraim tribe in approximately 1300 B.C., Joshua first appears in  Exodus 17 in the Old Testament, and is referred to as Hosea (Shyovitz, 2008). Practically nothing is known about his childhood life or family beyond the name of his  father, and it is believed early on, the prophet Moses - the first leader of the Jews - became the boys mentor and paternal figure (Comay, 1995). The young  Joshua received his early lifes lessons under Moses tutelage (Shyovitz, 2008). Joshuas indoctrination to the Torah and how to please God were learned from Moses instruction (Hammer, 1995).  When Joshua would become a ruler in his own right, he would always follow Moses example. The elderly prophet cast a very long shadow. Joshua followed Moses as he  led the Israelites on their Exodus from Egypt (Rowley, 1950). After crossing the Red Sea, they were attacked by the Amalekite tribe, and with their lack of military might,  were rendered virtually defenseless (Comay, 2008). Joshua stepped in to orchestrate an impressive military victory, and immediately became Moses second in command. Moving north from Mount Sinai, the 

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