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    Strategies to Help African Americans Achieve Equal Opportunities: A Research Proposal

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    This 10 page paper is chock full of information about several activist groups and their tactics. The techniques are explored and applied to the African American community. Activist groups include animal rights organizations, environmental groups and those who support gay rights. Specific organizations are named and explored. The paper provides information on these groups as a suggested area of study for those wanting to relate the literature on the subject to the topic at hand. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

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    or find that they regularly attend church with Asian Americans. They send their children to school with Hispanic youngsters and perhaps hire a Jewish baby-sitter. It seems that everything is  copacetic. Yet, there is a sense that underlying the pristine image that America projects, there is racism. Fox-Genovese (1996) claims that racism has eighteenth-century Enlightenment foundations. While the history  of the United States of America is dismal in terms of its human rights violations, and racism, this has changed over the years. Yet, it would be a misnomer to  think that assimilation has been the answer all along. In his book, Flight and Rebellion, Gerald W. Mullin (1972) concludes that the assimilated slaves are essentially marginal men, striving  to emulate the oppressors ways, because they crave their masters respect and approval . The slave is ultimately forced to understand that he has been tossed a bone or two  while denying his own customs, his people, and finally himself (1972). In essence, assuring that black Americans have the same rights as everyone else is more than forcing them to  adopt the ways of the majority. It must be done in such a way as to make sure that their cultural identity is retained and that African Americans are able  to live in the world in peace. Yet, historically, peace is not always something that is possible. Malcholm X for example saw that the mundane ways of securing change is  not always effective. Similarly, Karl Marx had always believed that to prompt true change, one would have to take quick and sometimes violent action. Change is not always possible through  the use of peaceful and patient means. Of course, it should be noted that there are various views on the subject of racism. Some do not believe that anything needs 

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