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    Strategy at Anadarko Petroleum

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    A 10 page paper assessing the oil industry in 2006 and Anadarko Petroleum's place in it. The paper uses PEST, Five Forces and SWOT analysis to suggest strategy for what is about to be the country's largest independent oil producer. Anadarko's greatest strength and most promising strategy for the future may well lie in its CO2 extraction technology. Anadarko can gain oil at a cost of $6 a barrel, but it also can supply the technology and its operation to other oil companies as an ancillary business. This strategy allows Anadarko to broaden its revenue base without venturing off into a different industry, further balancing growth with greater predictability. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    finally are beginning to "get it," with "it" being that they must develop alternative fuel vehicles that are meaningful and useful as Toyota and Honda already have done. There  have been rumors for decades that hydrogen technology and other alternatives have been workable for some time but that auto makers and the oil industry strive to keep them from  the public view and keep them suppressed. Whether true or urban legend, the fact remains that the US uses about 40 percent of  the worlds available crude oil. Certainly gasoline is not the only use but it is the leading one. Per-barrel prices of crude oil continue to reach new record-breaking  highs on the world market, which is a trend not likely to reverse itself. As developing nations - most notably China - place increasing demands on the world oil  supply, prices will only increase from their already-high levels. Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum is not yet the nations largest independent oil producer, but it  will attain that title after completing its acquisition of two competitors later in 2006. The company also holds an attractive strategy for the future. The Oil Industry  The oil industry already was operating under pressure before adding the complications of the Gulf Coast hurricanes of 2005. In the US, the effect  of those hurricanes was to shut down much of the nations refinery capacity, close a major pipeline for repairs and prevent receipt of shipments of crude oil from other parts  of the world. Though economically gas is a necessary item and therefore not as susceptible to the pressures of supply and demand, retail prices nonetheless skyrocket when there is 

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