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    Strength to Love by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reviewed

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    In five pages this paper discusses the major points and writer's response to Martin Luther King's book. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    non-violence. The book is actually a collection of sermons and therefore this book not only outlines Kings beliefs politically but also spiritually as well. Time and time again  throughout this book there are some basic themes which continue to emerge and which are exceptionally simple. Love. Dont hate. Denounce racial prejudice. These themes repeat  themselves throughout the sermons. Furthermore, King denounces anyone who uses religion as a basis for propagating hate. He uses  many Christian groups as examples since they have held the Bible up in defense of slavery. Throughout, King is able to set forth his own vision of Christianity.  He is clearly tolerant of others while praising Jesus whom he describes as a dedicated nonconformist (King, 1986). Another interesting note is that King openly applauds Gandhi and uses  him as a role model for his own vision of non-violent activism. Significant Points King talks about love and about  tolerance. He addresses the issue of change in regards to his ideas that non-violence is the only moral way to proceed. Basically, King believed that non-violence was effective  because it prevented physical violence and therefore also prevented violence of the spirit (Martin Luther Kings Philosophy, 2002). When this happened, then bitterness leaves peoples minds and is replaced  with love. He likens this type of love to the Greek love of Agape, which is an overflowing, spontaneous love which isnt "set in motion by any quality or  function of its object" (Martin Luther Kings Philosophy, 2002). This type of love was not selfish, but regarded the good of others as most important. 

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