• Student Absenteeism; A Research Proposal

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    This 14 page paper is a full proposal for a study of why university students are absent form lectures. The paper begins with an outline and justification, undertakes a literature review and then outlines a proposal for undertaking the study including the collection and analysis of data. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    in some instances. This should indicate that students are motivated to learn, they have chosen to stay on at university and have chosen the subjects they wish to study. In  many cases the commitment has also included a financial commitment which may include extensive loans to be repaid by the student. It is against this background that there remains a  problem of student absenteeism. Absenteeism in compulsory education has a number of causes and has been subject of a number of studies. However, at this higher level,  although still recognised as a problem, it has not attracted the same level of interest in terms of research. Research into this area may be seen as having a potentially  high value. The cost of absenteeism is difficult to measure, there is the potential of wasted resources and the opportunity cost. However there is also the association of lower grenades  with students that attend fewer lectures, this in turn results in lower achievement overall which then reflects in the lower level of attainment in terms of achievement in university performance  tables by the institution, the lower level of intellectual capital available to employers and seen in the country as a whole. By studying the phenomena of absenteeism in universities  there are many advantages that maybe gained by the use of that information. In understanding the reasons for absenteeism it may be reduced, increasing the scores of the students, the  job satisfaction of the lecturers, the overall results of the students to the benefit f other future careers, increase the standing of the university in performance tables and also increase  the level f intellectual capital that is available in the economy. 2. Question and Literature Review The research question for this paper will be why does absenteeism occur on 

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