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    Subway Sub Restaurant - Case Analysis With SWOT

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    A 5 paper that provides a brief history of Subway and its rapid success and expansion. The essay is based on a student-provided document that deals with Subway eliminating its Sub Club customer loyalty program and explains the initial purpose and why it was discontinued. The paper ends with a SWOT analysis of Subway. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    FAQ, 2008). He did so on the advice of Dr. Peter Buck, a scientist and family friend who provided the first $1,000 to open the first Subway restaurant in Bridgeport,  Connecticut (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). The first restaurant was named Petes Super Submarines, honoring Buck who put up the money (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). It was initially  intended to fund DeLucas college education but it turned into something neither DeLuca nor Buck could possibly have imagined (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). The partners opened the 5th sandwich  shop in 1968 and began using the name Subway at that time (Doctors Associates Inc, Timeline, 2008).The popularity of the sub sandwiches grew so rapidly that DeLuca and Buck decided  to franchise with the first franchise opening in 1974 in Wallingford, Connecticut (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). Today, with 30, 131 franchisees across 87 countries, Subway is larger than McDonalds  (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008; Doctors Associates Inc. Home Page, 2008). They opened the first international shop in 1984 in Bahrain (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008; Doctors Associates Inc. Home  Page, 2008). Subway serves about 2,800 sandwiches and salads every minute of every day (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). The companys name was subsequently changed to Doctors Associates Inc because  DeLuca had intended to become a doctor and because Buck holds a doctorate degree in science (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). Headquarters are located in Milford, Connecticut where it employees  600 people (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). Annual sales in 2007 were $11.3 billion across the world, of which the U.S. accounted for $8.2 billion, Canada, $1.1 billion and in  all other international countries, $2.0 billion (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). This is a privately held company (Doctors Associates Inc, FAQ, 2008). And, yes, Jared is a real person, Jared 

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