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    Systems Approach to Management; A Case Study

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    This 12 page paper considers a case provided by the student. The case involves the movement of departments to new buildings, and although the case shows a logistical success, there is also a loss of personnel. The writer considers how alterative approaches, such as the use of soft systems managements techniques may have produced a better result in terms of the human aspect of a change. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

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    no consultation with the employees. This has led to both practical and motivational difficulties. We have a move that has to take place that will mean 700 staff from eleven  departments moving; regarding this there is no room for negotiation. The move is one that will fragment the departments, separating them into three different buildings., The main problems surround the  largest move which is to take place in October, has been known about since January and the staff have not been informed until June. They have been given no options  regarding the move, a month before the move it is found that there are no parking facilities at the new building. This  has created a stressful position, which is further aggravated by the lack of information regarding the move. This has resulted in an increased level of resignations due to this poor  personnel situation. In a normal scenario the provision of a new facility with better working conditions may be an event looked forward  to, as it will ease the pressure ands increase staff motivation. However, there is no information regarding the move other than its implementation. There will always be concerns over the  move, what it means and how it will be undertaken. Therefore there are two ways in which this position needs to change, firstly in the physical change in the move  to the new buildings, and secondly in the psychological aspects, where the employees feel valued and can contribute to the process so that the levels of motivation will increase. The  problems are in managing the practical change to the new buildings in an efficient manner, and also to manage the staff so that as few as possible are lost, and 

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