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    This 8-page paper focuses on various issues of telecommunications faced by a firm that needs a strong communications system. The paper discussses various trends in the industry, definitions (such as last mile, network convergence and point-to-point communication) and describes various satellites used for telecommunications. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    telecommunications resources for a large, multinational-multiproduct company. Any equipment and services purchased now would have to work for the present and also the long term. The purpose of this paper  is to examine some trends and issues impacting telecommunications and wireless technology in order to provide the reader strong suggestions for purchasing the right equipment and services.  Before we begin, its useful to remember that technology changes fairly rapidly - what is common and popular today is likely to be gone tomorrow.  To fully underline this idea, it was only four or five years ago when the idea of a 56K modem on a computer was considered the fastest there was for  hookup onto the World Wide Web. TRENDS Competition in the Industry This is a highly competitive industry and has been so, especially  as the cost of technology continues to fall. Less than 10 years ago, there were only a handful of companies that worked on the issues of "telecommunications," these days, there  are hundreds of companies and vendors offering thousands of products and services from which to choose. Another couple of trends to  keep an eye on in this industry are the financial collapse (which well discuss in greater detail below) and mergers and acquisitions. The irony of this industry is that while  entrepreneurism is certainly encouraged (and this is where many of the modern gadgets are created), those entrepreneurs are slowly being bought out by larger companies. While its hard to determine  the impact on mergers and acquisitions, the chances are excellent that, in a few years, the competition will still be strong (which will hopefully drive down prices), but there will 

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