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    This 13 page paper discusses meditation and the incorporation of it into the practice of the psychotherapist. Scientific studies discussed and outlined, specific methodology is suggested with thesis, proposal and analysis of past research. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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    certainly be the case in the medical and social science fields of the twentieth century. Meditation, once thought to be the exclusive club of the flower child, has been found  by modern Western medicine to have extremely beneficial results. To that end, then, the practice of meditation and the application of its principles should be included in the practice of  psychotherapy and the treatment of patients. WHAT MEDITATION HAS TO OFFER THE SCIENTIFIC FIELD There have been more than several decades of research which chronicle the amazing benefits of mediation  in the medical field. Research in the field of psychology has also been ongoing, and the clinical patient would seem to benefit significantly from the various positive results that stem  directly from the practice and incorporation of mediation into the ongoing treatment. Medically, it has been found that medication can help to aid  everything from high blood pressure, to regulating the levels of blood lactate which seem to be directly linked to anxiety attacks(Astin 2000). Headaches and anything dealing with muscle tension are  also alleviated and most of the test subjects reported having a greater sense of well-being. Many of the preliminary findings of various studies have shown that many of the depressive  disorders respond especially well to meditation as it lowers the levels of serotonin (stress hormone) in the bodys system. Other studies indicate that the immune system may be boosted by  the addition of a simple practice of meditation(Yu 2003). At its very basic, meditation is not a magic bullet. What it is,  however, is a method by which the average human being can have a direct impact on his bodys chemistry, and bioelectric mechanisms to the extent that he or she can 

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