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    Technology Transfer in the Middle East

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    This 3 page paper is a dissertation proposal to assess the most successful strategies for attracting and them leveraging technological transfer in the Middle East. The paper presents an introduction with aims and objectives, a brief literature review and outlines a methodology for the project. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    is a large area with a population of 280 million people across a total of 28 states. The levels of economic development are diverse as are the political situations within  the states (Almhdie). The Middle East has been a focal point of media attention over the last few decades due to the oil industrys activities and the rich reserves in  this area. It may be argued that oil was the stimulus for the economic development of many countries in the area. This allowed the transfer of technology to take place,  setting a pattern of both knowledge and technology transfer. Today there are economic policies in the developed and the developing countries in the Middles East, those with a reliance  on oil are looking to reduce that reliance and develop thriving economies that can survive the eventual exhaustion of the resources. For the developing nations that have fewer reserves, have  not received the same investment levels or have failed to profit from this singular resource the policies are targeted to develop other industries. The most rapid progress strategy is  the transfer of knowledge and technology, but this can also be problematic, the state first has to attract the investment, the transfer then needs to be facilitated, with employees and  local companies able to benefit from the importing of the technology. The aim of this paper is to examine how states can develop policies that will attract and then leverage  technological transfer in order to increase the pace of economic development, with a focus on the maximisation of the technology transfer into the wider economy. 1.1 Aims and Objectives  The aims and objectives of the paper are to develop an in-depth understanding f the ways that technological investment can be attracted and the policies that will support the rapid 

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