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    Tennessee Eviction Proceedings

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    In eight pages this paper examines a hypothetical court case involving eviction proceedings in the state of Tennessee with pertinent state laws and the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act discussed. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    and David Carter live in a rented house in Knox County, Tennessee. Michelle has lived in the house for more than ten years; she married David five years ago.  Michelle always had difficulty meeting the cost of the rent of $600 per month and would fall behind periodically, but she always worked to become current again and never  failed to inform the owners of the house, elderly individuals who had rented to Michelle years before without any lease and without specifying any terms of expectations of either party.  Michelles marriage did nothing to alter the pattern established over the years. In the latest economic downturn, David lost his job.  He receives no unemployment benefits because his employer, McDonalds, offered him another job at a different location. David refused because the transfer involved a demotion and an associated reduction  in pay. Michelle and David fell two months behind in the rent in the fall of 2002. They paid Octobers rent in  full at the end of November 2002; they paid $500 toward Novembers $600 rent at the same time. They have not completed payment of any additional rent since the  end of November. In January 2003, they gave to the landlords agent (another tenant on the same property) a check for $700, which was intended to pay rent owed  for December 2002 plus the additional $100 still owed for November rent. They have made no payments since then, though they routinely promise payment "on Wednesday" and offer descriptions  of various plans to become current in rent once again. The check they offered for payment of December 2002 rent and the balance 

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