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    Tesco Ireland - Proposal for Change

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    This 18 page paper examines the retail firm Tesco and their operations in Ireland, considering their position and performance and assessing the way in which the change may be introduced in order to enhance operations. The organizational strategies and management of subjected to a strategic diagnosis. The change suggested, supported by suggestions the primary research, is increased level of customer care provided by employees to increase loyalty and commitment by customers to the company. A change strategy is recommended. Bibliography cites 18 sources.

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    1. Introduction Ireland may be seen as a natural market for many UK retailers, close by, with the same language and similar consumer needs,  as well as being part of a free trade area with both the UK and Ireland being part of the EU making it attractive. Tesco, the major supermarket is the  UK, where they have been able to gain a 30.8% share1 (Colleen, 2010) has also entered the Irish market. The performance of the stores in Ireland indicate some recent successes;  sales increasing to ?1.34 billion, an increase of 8% in the six months up to August 2010, with only 2% of this increase due to increase store openings and  6% an increase in lie for like slakes (Hancock and OBrien, 2010). However, Ireland has proven a difficult market, the firm, and despite the recent positive signals there is still  room for improvement within the Irish operations. To assess the type of change that will help the firm it is necessary to consider not only the firm itself and  the way it competes, but also the ay it is perceived by customers and employees to identify the areas where improvements are possible which will add value and then identify  the changes that would be possible, fitting in with the existing core competences and image of the firm while adding value is a cost effective manner. 2. Background 2.1 History  The current manifestation of Tesco in Ireland is not the initial entrance into the Irish market. In the 1980s when Tesco was just starting the international expansion strategy Ireland  was a natural choice. The company entered the market through acquisition in 1979 when the company acquired the 3 Guys chain of stores which had been founded by Albert Gubay. 

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