• Testing the Value of Differentiation at Gucci - A Research Proposal

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    This 6 page paper is a research proposal. The theory of differentiation is well known in the commercial world. However, there appear to be few tests of this theory as it is accepted as accurate. In this paper there is the goal to test if differentiation can be the main feature in the success of a company. Gucci is used as an example, as this is a company that failed due to over extending its’ brand and devaluing it. The recovery appears to be based on adding value back by reviving the differentiation and creating greater differentiation. Looking at theory and management of the company, its past history and mistakes the value of differentiation may be ascertained. This can then be tested with the use of primary research though a survey. This research proposal, including time plan, outlines how this research could take place. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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