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    The American-Chinese Trade Relationship: The Impact of China’s Export on the US Trade Deficit: A Research Proposal

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    This 10 page paper provides an overview of the issue of the U.S. trade deficit and the impacts of Chinese imports. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    occurred over the past 20 years. Increasing focus on the needs and production models in China has led to reports of the expansion of the Chinese economy that can  be noted through many different, measurable outcomes. This study focuses on the reflections in the current literature and an analysis of the findings to determine the impact of Chinas  economic change and exportation as they impact the United States trade deficit with China. The economic impacts of this deficit for both countries and the impacts in terms  of global political and economic development are also considered through an analysis of existing studies. Introduction Chinas economy is robust and growing, as it has been for almost  30 years; Forbes Magazine suggests that it will soon be one of the main driving engines of the world economy (China becoming new engine for world economy, 2003). The  "watershed" event in "Chinas commercial relationships with the international community was the countrys entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO)" (Reuvid, 2005). China has largely adhered to the requirements of  membership, "lowering import taxes and removing formal trade barriers" (Reuvid, 2005). In conjunction with this and other actions in recent years, including U.S./Chinas most favored nation (MFN) status and increase  trade agreements, Chinas economy has expanded significantly. Research Question/Hypotheses The research question that will be the center of this study is: Is there a relation between  Chinese export to the US and the US trade Deficit? The hypothesis for this study is that there is a positive relationship between Chinas export to the United State  and the United States trade deficit. The null hypothesis for this study is that there is a negative relationship between Chinas export to the United States and the United 

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