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    The Credit Crunch; A Research Proposal

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    This 17 page paper is a research proposal to assess how the credit crunch is impacting on consumers buying behavior. The paper presents an introduction, justification and outlines limitation, before undertaking a literature review, presenting a methodology and a potential questionnaire. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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    1. Introduction The credit crunch has been present in the UK for some time, there are many impacts seen at the macro level, such as a decrease in demand,  especially for luxury goods, the failure of large companies, including Woolworths and Zavvi and banks that are being bailed out by government cash injections and guarantees. The impact on the  economy as a whole is well covered in the media, and understood in economic theory, but the impact at a personal level is sometimes overlooked. It has been argued  that in the past the UK economy has been particularly resilient compared to other EU economies, mainly due to psychological attitudes; consumer confidence was high, which sustained demand and as  such kept the economy growing when other countries economies were slowing down. Therefore, it appears that psychological approaches of consumers will have an impact. Economic slow down was avoided  the past due to high levels of consumer confidence so is it possible that the lack of consumer confidence in the current credit crunch will have the opposite effect and  negative impact behavior that will exacerbate the recession rather than help to alleviate it. There is no question that the UK is  in a recession and that there is a credit crunch. The causes of the credit crunch have received a great deal of publicity, and this, along with firms failing, has  impacted on consumer confidence (BBC News, 2009). Where consumers have lost jobs there will be a direct impact on the economy, as the level of disposable income decreases and  the demand also decreases. However, does the demand drop only as a result of actual or expected job loss, or is a more careful approach adopted to spending, even 

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