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    The Death Penalty Argument (Article Analysis)

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    This 5 page paper reviews an article by Governor George Pataki on the merits of the death penalty. The paper looks at the article point by point and disputes each of these. Weaknesses of the article are highlighted. No additional sources cited.

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    the life of another, they should receive the ultimate punishment. They also claim there is a deterrent effect and further that it is best for society. The miscreant will never  kill again if he is dead. While the argument makes sense, there is the other side to the story with equally intelligent arguments. Those who oppose capital punishment say that  not only has a deterrent effect not been proven, but that it is illogical. Anyone who would kill does not really care about the punishment and would do it anyway.  Also, opponents are most afraid that innocent men and women would be put to death. This has happened in the past. Years after an execution new evidence surfaces and a  convict cannot be set free if he is dead. This is a compelling reason to do away with the death penalty. Mistakes are inevitable. In March of 1997, in USA  Today Magazine, an article entitled Death Penalty is a Deterrent had been submitted by New York Governor George E. Pataki. He began the piece by saying that September 1, 1995,  marked the end of a eight for justice in New York (Pataki, 1997). He says: " For 22 consecutive years, my predecessors had ignored the urgent calls for  justice from our citizens-their repeated and pressing demands for the death penalty in New York State" (1997, p.PG). His first point in support of the penalty is not for deterrence  as the title indicates but because it is the will of the people. Of course, this is not a very strong point at all. The fact that there is  a mob mentality should not really affect a politicians mindset. At the same time, Pataki believes in the death penalty for specific reasons and the fact that it is supported 

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