• The Dynamics of Music in the Black Church

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    A 10 page paper which offers a research proposal for studying the dynamics of music in the Black church. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

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    The Dynamics of Music in the Black Church , To  Use This Paper Properly, Please I. Introduction African American gospel music is very unique and has a rich history.  It is a form of music that most African Americans have engaged in, in one way or another, since the days of slavery when they were unable to read or  write or otherwise engage in any activities other than slave activities. It has helped develop other forms of African American music, and music in general throughout the years. Yet, there  are many issues concerning African American gospel, or church, music today that many feel threaten the spiritual and religious nature of the music.  One of the most prevalent problems involves the secular world today. With so much African American music influencing the gospel music of the church, many are fearful it seems  for the future of gospel music. At the same time African American gospel music will always be clearly reflective of the rich heritage and culture that is so intricately woven  into the African American people in the nation. Another issue involves the need for more formal teaching in the African American churches as it involves music. For the most part  the past has only seen people with a natural talent and an ear for music, with very few possessing any formal musical training. Many believe that it is important to  further nurture African American gospel music through training and a more focused perspective on the elements of their unique gospel music. There 

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