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    The Impact of China on Global Supply; A Research Proposal

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    This 18 page paper considers how and why China may have a significant impact on world trade. China is not a member of the World Trade Organization and is activity participating in world trade. This country is projected at becoming the largest economy and also has a massive potential capacity to increase the supply of goods. This paper undertakes a literature review to assess the development and level of the potential increase and outlines a methodology for primary research for a dissertation. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    1. The Research Problem The global economy is made up of the many individual members that trade internationally, increasing or decreasing production dependant on a number of  factors. The way in which global trade has changed may be typified with the movement of production to areas where there are cost or comparative advantages. This has created a  surplus of supply in many markets and also increased demand in others as the increase in supply reduces the prices being obtained. The use of trade such as this has  not only benefited consumers by bringing down prices, but has also aided the development of many developing nations by providing a source of economic growth. The structure of global  trade has changed, the supply of goods has increased at a steady rate. Between 1950 and 1994 the global output increased by more than five times. However, the level of  trade increased has disproportionately with 14 the amount of trade taking place in 1994 than in 1950 (Trade Point, 2003). This change has seen prices fall and the movement of  jobs, western developed countries have had to focus on more value added activities, and even former economically disadvantages countries such as India are looking at ways of ensuring the continuation  of their economy with value added industries, such as technology. This has occurred as more countries have gradually occurred the world economy. The overall impact has been very notable,  but the world has had time to adjust as the transformation has taken place, with different countries increasing tier participation at different rates. The difficult may arise as we see  China play an increasingly important role i the world economy. Unlike other countries where the increased participation may have caused some small glitches, as seen with examples such as 

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