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    The Need for Improved Tourism Education in Developing Countries

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    This 13 page paper looks at the importance of tourism education in developing countries which wish to develop their tourism industry and assessing the problems which may be present. The paper gives an introduction, assessment of the problem and methodology, followed by a literature review looking at three countries which are then used in a comparative analysis. The paper ends with recommendations. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    struggling with attempts to find and implement policies that will facilitate long term economic development, which will be able to provide some real trickle down effects to benefit the economy.  One industry which has demonstrated this potential is the tourism industry. Tourism has the potential to attract both investors and customers to specific areas and create benefits for  the local economy and the tourists (Tosun, 2001). 1.1 The Problem As tourism is a labour intensive industry, often reliant on local labour  to provide services, there is a great deal of potential for the direct provision of jobs. Additionally, where tourism is developed in addition to the hospitality industry there will  also be demands for many complimentary services, including tourist attractions and activities, services and transportation and local facilities such as the serving of food and drink. This has a great  deal of potential and many areas which are developing, such as China, Indonesia and Angola. However, it may be argued that, as with any other industry, there is a need  for the availability of the relevant resources, this includes labour. The ability to provide educated employees with knowledge of tourism and the hospitality industry will provide a greater potential for  the industry to develop and thrive. However, in many developing countries education itself can be a challenge, the level to which tourism is seen as an industry that benefits from  education and the alignment between theory and practice is weak. These issues are likely to be holding back the development of tourism. 1.2 Aim of Research  The aim of the research is to assess the current relationship between tourism education in developing countries and the condition of their tourism industries to determine 

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