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    The Power of the Attention Owner

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    This 3 page paper discusses the quote "In an age of information overload, people's attention becomes precious. Power shifts from media owner to attention owner". The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    power resided with those who controlled the media. This is one reason by the newspaper owners were referred to as the press barons in the first half of the twentieth  century. Today the power may be seen as diluted, there are many more forms of media and the audiences have more choices. Media moguls still try and control what is  and is not communicated. For example, in recent times it has been demonstrated by the media that they can control information flow, to a limited extent. ABC makes a programme  called Nightline, there was an episode to be aired 2004 which paid tribute to US fallen soldiers, showing their photographs and reading their names (McGrath, 2004). The showing of  this was meant to be across the network of ABC affiliate channels, however The Sinclair Broadcasting Group rejected and censored this (McGrath, 2004). This is not the only case another  incident is where Miramax has been banned by Disney from distribution Fahrenheit 911 the controversial film by Michael Moore (McGrath, 2004). The media still has some power, but it now  appears to be limited to what they choose to censor rather than what is taken in by the audience. Even censoring is limited for example, just because Miramax has been  banned form the distribution not prevented people viewing the film. However even if these programmes were shown it is questionable how much notice an audience would have taken in.  In any household there are so many forms of information that might all seeking to gain attention and be retained. Marketers are seeking to gain attention and recall on television,  newspaper s and radio, the internet is a very dynamic form of information and even posters on the street bombard the audience with potential images and snippets of information. 

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