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    The Problem with Special Interest Groups

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    This 5 page paper takes a look at the political power of special interest groups. Their ties to the economy are duly noted. Various types of groups are mentioned. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    that has the special interest is helped, all of society would benefit. Of course, this idea is controversial. Does everyone really benefit by helping an interest group? There was Farm  Aid several decades ago and groups and movements to try to help farmers who suffer through hard economic times and droughts. And there are the teachers who year after year  complain about how much education they have in relation to the amount of pay they get. There are laborers--those in the steel mills and other mills--who are highly unionized and  believe that they have something coming to them. And while some of the movements appear rather self-serving as they involve pay and benefits, there are other movements that are difficult  to oppose. Groups that claim to be environmentally friendly are in fact hard to combat. Who can say what will happen in hundreds of years? Environmentalists do claim that something  horrible will occur to the planet of no action is taken today. Some special interest groups make good points. After all, it is true that the environment is something  that everyone uses. All use the oceans and beaches of the world and no one wants to bathe in dirty water or breathe unhealthy air. At the same time, because  a special interest group concerned with the environment makes a claim, that does not mean that they are correct. It is only a claim. Other groups, such as those that  argue about the economy in general, are seen as caring about their own pocket books. The long shoremans strike that occurred not too long ago angered out of work citizens  when it was discovered that many of the workers earned six figure salaries. While it is true that certain special interest groups tied to unions are interested in personal 

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