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    The Role of Women in "Things Fall Apart":

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    This 4 page paper examines the role of women in Achebe's, "Things Fall Apart". By examining the way that the main character, Okonkwo, treats women, both their oppression and their power are revealed in this analysis. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    from Great Britain. This story is touching on many levels, as the characters display a sincere humanity that makes their story very compelling.  The main character in this story is Okonkwo, and the role of women in his life varies tremendously. Okonkwo is a man who has worked very  hard to achieve success in his life, in large part as a means of compensating for the weaknesses of his father. Okonkwo prides himself on the fact that he  has achieved a big reputation for himself among those who live in his village. Among his accolades, Okonkwo is a champion wrestler, he has a prosperous farm, and he  is also the husband of three wives and many children. And yet, the women in his life represent both pain and  pleasure to Okonkwo. On the surface, Okonkwo is hard and cold. He often instills fear in the women of his house because he is so prone to outbursts  and to behaving viciously. He is definitely short-tempered, and the women in his life often bear the brunt of this fault.  And yet, it is apparent that Okonkwo behaves in this manner because he is filled with a great deal of fear. Above all else, he fears failure in  much the same way as he saw his father as a failure. He will go to any length to avoid the same fate. And so, this was the  ruling quality in Okonkwos life - his fear of failure literally influenced everything else, including his relationship with his wives and children. 

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