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    The Success of Turkey's Current Ruling Party; The AKP

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    This 8 page paper considers why and how the Justice and Development Party (AKP), an Islamic party. The paper examines why AKP gained power in the Turkish 2002 parliamentary elections and improved on that support in the 2004 local elections. Factors such as the political and economic situation, policies and electorate perceptions are all included. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    develop and influence the views and opinions of the electorate, these may change or reinforce opinions. The results of an election and the success of any party will therefore, not  only be based on polices, but also perceptions and the media as well as the electoral processes. If we look at the success of the Justice and Development Party (AKP),  an Islamic party, they are the first party in recent times to be able to rule without the need to form a coalition (The Estimate 22). By looking at the  development of this party we can start to appreciate why they have had such success. Turkey has had many political wrangles in the past, but in 2002 these saw  a decline when the AKP was able to claim a clear majority in parliament. The rise of this party can be seen as the result of a range of political  influences, The decline in the military influence has been important, For a country that wants to join the EU there is a need for a transparent and proven democratic system  to be in place. Even the military have seen the benefits of joining the EU and wanted to make this move. This has necessitated their decline in power. There  had also been political instability accompanied by the need for economic reform. The International Momentary Fund (IMF) had been involved in helping the reform of the economy. However, as with  any economic reform this can be a very painful process (Leicht and Ikinci PG) In the short term the Turkish citizens had seen increasing in unemployment and poverty (Leicht and  Ikinci PG). Before being elected the AKP had made many election promises regarding standing up to the IMF for the benefit of 

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