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    The U.S. Role as the Pre-Eminent World Power: Can She Escape the Fate of Other Great Historical Powers?

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    An 8 page overview of the factors that are important in maintaining our status as a world power. The author suggests that we must correct the growing separation between rich and power, reestablish respect for our government, and strive to become one united America verses a country that is separated by concepts such as globalism and multiculturalism. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    paper properly!  In becoming the pre-eminent world power in the latter half of the 20th century the U.S. has followed in the footsteps of just a few  other great historical powers. Each of these previous powers, however, have ultimately failed in fulfilling the role that they set out to fulfill. Many question whether the U.S.  can escape the same fate. To do so will require a revamping not just in the way we externally relate with the world but with the way that we  relate internally among our own citizens and our governmental officials. In pursuing this discussion it is important to note that being  an American in 2006 is considerably different than being an American in 1776 or even in 1936. The factors which have shaped past and existing American political identity are  many and varied. Many of these factors of course revolve around the face of our government itself and the factors influencing this governments interactions with both the people of  this and other countries and with the governments of other countries. This interaction has changed considerably over the years as has the political identity of this country and how  it is perceived both by its citizens, those of other countries, and the government of other countries. There have been  numerous political shifts in U.S. government over its brief two-hundred year history. There have been numerous factors to which each of these shifts can be attributed. Our country 

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