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    The Use of Cranberry for UTI Care: A Research Proposal

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    This 11 page paper provides an overview of a study proposal for determining the relationship between the use of cranberry and the reduction in UTIs (urinary tract infections). Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    cranberry in both the prevention of urinary tract infections and as a part of a treatment regimen. This study proposal presents a review of the current literature and a  quantitative methodology designed to relate the outcomes of clinical trials on urinary tract infections and the use of cranberry. Specifically, studies  of the benefits of cranberry in reducing the presence of urinary tract bacteria are central to determining overall benefits. In correlation, this study, outlining the basic elements in the  current literature, may be used to determine new testing to determine the short and long-term benefits of the use of dietary cranberry, as well as the use of other forms  of cranberry, including extracts and encapsulated cranberry enzymes. Quantitative methodology will be used in answering several questions concerning the use of  cranberry in specific populations. Other information supplied is the statement of the actual problem and how it relates to nursing practice, as well as a review of the literature  and the research design type as well as the population to be studied. This will include a number of research questions and a hypothesis as well as a sampling  design, data analysis plan and how the data will be collected. A statement of data analysis is also included in this proposal for a study on the use of cranberry.  REVIEW OF LITERATURE Kontiokari et al (2001) are just a few of the researchers who have considered the use of cranberry  and similar berries (e.g. lingonberry) juice in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections, primarily in women. These researchers attempted to study the rate of recurrence of urinary 

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