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    The Use of IT in a School For Decision Making

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    This 47 page paper is a full length dissertation examining the use of information technology and computer systems to help with decision making. The paper starts with an introduction, considering why this is an important issue and outlining the rest of the paper. The next section is a comprehensive literature review which looks at theories concerning decisions making, barriers to decision making and management systems designed to all technology to help with decision making. The paper then outlines the methodology for primary research using a case study school and presents some findings along with a discussion relating the findings to the literature review. The paper ends with some conclusions and recommendations. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

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    Support Systems 20 2.2.3 Executive Support Systems 24 2.3 Human and IT System Interaction 26 3. METHODOLOGY 29 4. DISCUSSION 41 5. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS 45 REFERENCES 48 1. Introduction Information technology  has been one of the main enablers during the twentieth and now the twenty first century. Computers are a key element that have allowed many new strategy to be enabled,  their ability to help with the analysis and assimilation of information saves a great deal of time, helps overcome issues such as bounded rationality and, where used properly is capable  increasing the quality of the decisions that are made. The use of computers in schools is one area where there is great potential. The majority of literature looks at  the use of computers in terms of teaching send enabling students by teaching and developing IT skills. This is seen as a part of the national curriculum as well as  central to the future of the economy. However, this is not the only area of computer use is school. Just as in commerce where there is the recognition of technology  aiding and supporting management decision, the same technology can be applied to a school. We can argue that not only is it the potential that is valuable, but there  is even a duty of school to take advantage of technology. Where schools are concerned and the issues effect the development of the next generation, with the social and the  ethical responsibility, as well as the issues of accountability with schools using public funds and having a duty to maximise the return for those funds that computers should be routines  used to help make the best decision possible. However, this does not mean all decision should be left to con outer programmes. The output is unable to take all 

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