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    Thesis Proposal: The Effect of Live Video on the Learning Process

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    This 4 page paper is divided into four parts: Hypothesis, Statement of Interest, Literature Review and Methodology. The proposal for a research project includes literature on how the use of video impacts students in a learning situation. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    is not a panacea. Video conferencing can help the learning process in that it enables distance learning. Also, stellar professors may be heard on the other side of the planet  in a matter of seconds. This way, schools that do not have scholastic superiority can transport highly rated instructors through the air waves. That seems to be an ideal situation.  Yet, there are drawbacks to distance learning with the use of video. Many questions also crop up in this realm in that live video can hinder learning as it certainly  does not measure up to face to face meetings. Some research has been done which suggests there is a reduced amount of eye contact and it is simply not a  substitute for a live lecture. At the same time, ordinary video instruction can be helpful and cost-effective. Still, online learning without interaction lacks many attributes of the live environment.  Thus, while video-conferencing has its drawbacks, it is the next best thing to live classes. II. Statement of Interest A student writing on this subject will want to  explain his or her interest in the topic. Here, it seems that a student has had negative experiences with online learning. Online learning, or learning on ones own, can be  isolating and exhausting. Without appropriate interaction, it seems that individuals are not able to muster the wherewithal to learn independently. A student who is not interested in the subject, or  feels stuck when a question is broached, will not learn well in the home environment. Yet, the two way teleconferencing seems to resolve some of the problems inherent  in learning through simple audio or video instruction. It would appear that if interaction is a part of a program then the situation could resemble a live classroom, and 

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