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    A 5 page paper which offers tutorial assistance to the student writing about themselves as a learner. The paper provides a revision of their particular essay and then discusses learning as seen through the book “The Power of Mindful Learning” by Ellen J. Langer. No additional sources cited.

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    though how people learn best has not really been examined or understood. In the history of education in the United States it has generally been assumed that learning through rote,  or memorization, is the best way to ensure something is retained. Unfortunately this has led to many different learning problems, as well as self esteem problems. The following paper first  provides revision assistance to the student requesting this paper as it relates to their learning experiences. The second portion of the paper discusses the validity of "The Power of Mindful  Learning" by Ellen J. Langer. Myself as a Learner: Revision Assistance "Learning the basics in a rote, unthinking manner almost ensures mediocrity" (Larsen, 1998; 14). These words truly  struck me and helped me better understand some of the problems I have had in the past with regard to learning. While I have, in one way or another, always  understood that different people learn differently, it never struck me that the way most of us were taught to learn could well be wrong, or at least wrong for a  majority of the children. This statement made me truly comprehend my past, see how most of us are taught through memorization, and thus see how this method may well be  a very poor way of teaching and learning. As a child I remember how flashcards were quite prominent in the classroom. From math to English vocabulary, flashcards were given  to us, forcing us to memorize the facts. I would sit for many distressful and difficult hours trying to memorize twenty vocabulary words a week. The problem for me, and  now I suspect for others as well, was that I would forget what these words meant by the time I was given new cards to memorize. Very few of the 

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