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    U.S. Museums Changes

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    In ten pages museum changes are discussed in an examination of U.S. cultural variety. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    were merely showplaces for wealthy items from the past. However, as the world changes and scientific discoveries emerge we find that there are more and more items that describe a  culture, describe a period in history that have nothing to do with wealth. One of the most important changes concerning museums are the changes that have occurred in regards to  ethnic examination. A few decades ago museums would not have presented exhibits that offer information on the Vietnamese, the Africans, or many other cultures which are clearly a part of  American culture. In the following paper we examine some of these cultural changes concerning museums, discussing specific cultural museums and exhibits within other museums. Museums and Change "Museums  are growing at an unprecedented rate. There are more museums and more museum visitors than ever before" as the museums not only enlarge their collections, but their buildings and programs  as well (Museum Studies at Florida State University, 2002). Interestingly enough, "There are 15,000 museums in the United States, 40% of which have been founded since 1970" (Museum Studies at  Florida State University, 2002). Between 1998 and 200 alone there was an estimated "$4.3 billion was spent on improving museums" (Museum Studies at Florida State University, 2002). And, in terms  of visitors, there has been a 50% increase in visitation from a decade ago, with numbers now totaling "865 million visits per year to American museums" (Museum Studies at Florida  State University, 2002). In one state alone, the state of Florida, we note that there are 390 museums which is "39 more than just two years ago" (Museum Studies  at Florida State University, 2002). It is also estimated that "U.S. museums hold more than 700 million objects and associated documentation of our cultural, artistic, and scientific heritage" (Museum Studies 

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