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    Under-Representation Of Minorities In Gifted Programs

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    An 8 page paper. This is a partial research study proposal and includes: an abstract, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, definitions, and a review of the literature. The discussion includes why minorities are under-represented in gifted programs, some reasons why minority students underachieve, and the fact that minorities and females are under-represented in science programs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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    issues in their dissertations. Certainly, it is not possible to discuss all the issues you identified in your pages in this size paper: low achieving v high achieving schools; under-representation  of minorities in GATE - why; recruiting blacks for GATE; underachievement of blacks, in general, and what to do about it; district-wide science enhancement laboratory in a low achieving school  and effects on identified GATE and rest of students; high v low teacher expectations; achievement and motivation to learn science; and more..... Your TPS writer will attempt to include discussion  on these topics: the under-representation of African American students in GATE; low achievement of blacks, in general; and increasing performance in science in GATE and other classrooms.] Abstract This  proposed study addressed these questions: Why are African American students underrepresented in gifted programs? Why do African American students underachieve? Would a hands-on science laboratory curriculum enhance achievement of students  in the gifted and talented program and in students in regular classrooms? Would there be any difference between the average achievement of each group? The first two questions are explored  through a literature review. The last questions are investigated in a research study. It is expected that such a science program will enhance the overall achievement of students in both  classrooms. Statement of the Problem There are three prongs in this research study: 1. Under-representation of African American students in GATE programs. Research indicates that minority students, Black, Hispanic,  and Native American, are underrepresented in gifted and talented programs by as much as 30 to 70 percent. Most of the literature points to the issues of identification as the  reasons for this under-representation of these students (Ford and Thomas, 1997). 2. Underachievement of African American students. There is a concern relative to the underachievement of black students, in 

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