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    Virgin Atlantic Airways - Ten Years After Case Study

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    This 9 page paper is a case study of Virgin Atlantic Airways as it passed its 10th birthday. The case was provided by the student. Topic headings include: problem analysis reflecting the challenges ahead and including a SWOT analysis; three alternative recommendations, with the pro's, con's and potential fiscal restrictions for each; an explanation of which of the three is most feasible; selection of best alternative and why that one is chosen as the best; and implementation, including resources needed, timeline and evaluation. 1 Table included. No Bibliography.

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    operation. The problem can be expressed in this way: * How can Virgin Atlantic Airways retain its competitive edge for continued success and profitability? Secondary to the overall problem  are the following issues: * How can the company maintain employee enthusiasm and motivation along with an employee spirit of entrepreneurship? * How can the company use the momentum it  has to expand and grow and how and where should it expand? * Should the company continue as it is or should it look to change the type of airline  it is? And, if it should change, how should it change? The first step in developing a marketing plan for the future is to examine the internal and external environments  that affect the organization. A SWOT analysis is helpful for this step. Strengths: * CEO Richard Branson has determination, enthusiasm, energy, vitality and charisma. * The management team is comprised  of professionals who have successful experience in their position responsibilities. * The company offers the best in-flight entertainment system in the industry. * Virgin Atlantic has consistently met its initial  objective of proving high quality travel with the lowest cost possible. For instance, it provides First Class accommodations and service for Business Class prices when compared to other airlines. *  Customer base crosses ages, occupations, socio-economic classes. * Virgin Atlantic has received awards and accolades for service. * One overriding objective is exception customer service. * The company has a  very open, friendly relationship with press, something unusual in the industry. * The company has created brand recognition. Weaknesses * Limited destinations compared to major competitors, such as British Airways.  * Marketing and advertising budget is less than half the industry average - Virgins is 2 percent of turnover while the industry average is between 5 and 7 percent. * 

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