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    Virginia and Massachusetts Were Opposites in Colonial America

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    There was quite a bit of difference between the major English colonies in America. This paper examines two of them, Virginia and Massachusetts, and how forms of local government and leadership illustrated these differences.This paper has five pages and four sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    values. This discussion will examine those differences in terms of structure, leadership, economic systems and values. The Colony of Massachusetts As children we were taught that the Pilgrims  landed on Plymouth rock; as a child who had grownup fishing off of rocky shores, I always wondered how they did that, but put the answer somewhere in the category  of "things that adults do that are almost magical." When one reads of the advances that were made at Plymouth in a short time, they too seem magical.  In 1623, one of the investors wrote his brother: " the plantation at Patuxet [Indian name for Plymouth]. It is well situated upon a high hill close unto the  seaside, and very commodious for shipping to come unto them. In this plantation is about twenty houses, for or five of which are very fair and pleasant, and the rest  (as time will serve) shall be made better. And this town is in such manner that it makes a great street between the houses, and at the upper end of  the town there is a strong fort, both by nature and art, with six pieces of reasonable good artillery mounted thereon; in which fort is continual watch, so that no  Indian can come near thereabouts but he is presently seen. ... here is belonging to the town six goats, about fifty hogs and pigs, also divers hens. And lastly, the  town is furnished with a company of honest men, that do, in what lies in them, to get profit to the adventurers. Although the Massachusetts Bay Company, was a  joint-stock company officially based in England, with a charter issued by the King, its membership included merchants and landed gentry. And even though it was "officially" a trading company, 

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