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    Vitamin D Epidemic, Final Project Proposal

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    This 11 page paper is a comprehensive research proposal for a project that focuses on the vitamin D worldwide epidemic. The paper describes the various sections of the research project, which will involved a literature synthesis. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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    listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. Vitamin D Epidemic, Final Project Proposal  by , December, 2012 -properly! Section 1 Design and approach: The purpose for the proposed project is to investigate  the issue of vitamin D deficiency, which has been determined to be worldwide health concern. In order to achieve the proposed projects purpose of investigating the worldwide vitamin D deficiency  epidemic, the approach is to access recently published research literature via online databases and other sources, using meta-analytical methods as the overall design parameters. Rationale behind approach: Information is required  in order to meet the project goal to formulate a vitamin D supplement program that can be tailored to meet the needs of specific client populations. Researcher role and bias:  As the research selects which studies are considered relevant, this necessarily includes the possibility of bias in this process. Sampling techniques and Participants: Empirical research studies will be collected from  a broad range of medical and academic databases by utilizing keywords and limiting the search parameters to research published in English during the last five years. Hypothesis: This search process  will result in sufficient data to meet the project goals. Issues pertaining to data collection and instruments: As described above in reference to Sampling Techniques and Participants. Section 2: Final  Proposal Abstract Research literature indicates that there is a global epidemic that pertains to vitamin D deficiency, as this condition appears to be chronic among a variety of populations, ethnicities  and age groups. As this condition has the power to negatively impact health to a huge degree, this paper proposes a project that will address this public health issue by 

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