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    Website Literature Review of Lingua Francas, Pidgin, and Creole Sites

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    In five pages this paper discusses linguistic topics as they pertain to an article and webistes regarding lingua francas, pidgin, and creole dialects. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    creole and lingua francas, the Internet offers web sites, discussion groups and other background information to assist the budding linguist in attempting to locate information on these various forms of  language. The purpose of this paper is to review some of these web sites and to discuss some of the information contained within the cyberareas.  When it has come to linguistics, however, the best success that the researcher has is in the so-called "Romance" languages, those languages that have their basis in  Latin. What is somewhat simpler to find as well, are the more Germanic languages. However, finding information on linguistic basis such as pidgin, creole and lingua francas is a little  more difficult. The so-called "modern language" magazines dont carry a great deal of information about these terminologies. The good news, however, is that there are web sites that are beginning  to cater to this area of linguistics, as more and more language experts are realizing the importance of these three versions of languages. The difficulty is that, as of now,  the sites offer little more than the basics in terms of these language developments. In "Pidgin and Creole Languages: A Guide  to Green Library Collections," the linguistic expert can access a good deal of information including some background about pidgin and creole (known on the site as "P/C") and providing information  of writings available on these topics. The site also defines these two types of languages, noting that creole languages were the result of European Colonial expansion in the tropics (Pidgin  and Creole Languages: A Guide to Green Library Collections). Pidgin was an outgrowth of an evolved form of language spoken by many different language groups, which became the forerunner of 

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