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    Which is the Best Birth Control Method: Pills, Patch, Nuvaring, or Depo Shot?

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    A 5 page review of four of the most popular birth control methodologies. This paper emphasizes that a woman should choose birth control not only because of its effectiveness but also in consideration of the ease of use and the potential for long and short term complications.

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    Indeed, it has been around in one form of another practically since the earliest form of civilization. Whereas these earliest forms of birth control, forms ranging from the  use of certain herbs to the application of natural items such as sponges, were in many ways hit and miss in terms of their effectiveness; birth control options today offer  almost one-hundred percent effectiveness. The range of possibilities in regard to birth control is quite diverse. Four of the more commonly utilized options today, however, are birth control  pills, the transdermal contraceptive Patch (Ortho Evra), the use of a Nuvaring, or the injection of the drug Depo-Prevera. Choosing from these options involves the consideration of a number  of factors. The intent of this paper is to carefully explore each of these factors so that the most appropriate choice for a particular individual can be made.  Criteria Obviously, one of the primary criteria to consider  when choosing a birth control methodology is its effectiveness. What many women fail to recognize, however, when choosing a birth control method is that the criteria for choosing should  not limited to its effectiveness alone. Birth control must be easy to use, and it must pose little potential for harmful long or short term impacts.  Question 1: How effective is each of the birth control options being explored?  Today birth control is more effective than it has ever been in the past. No birth control methodology other than abstinence or sterilization, of course, is one-hundred 

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