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    Who Is The Intelligent Designer

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    A 3 page paper that supports the proposal that the intelligent designer is God. The writer reports the problems with the intelligent designer theory that looks for a different designer and uses Aquinas' Five Ways to know the existence of God as support. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    scientists reject this truth. Consider this: scientists propose that everything evolved from some sort of major big bang or the collision of planetary molecules. But, what created those molecules? Some  say that all life evolved from single-cell organisms. Okay, where did those come from. Deem (2009) reports that evolution is based on the simple premise that there was something  there to evolve from. He also points out that the intelligent design theory is well established in at least four fields of study: archeology, anthropology, forensics and the search for  extraterrestrial intelligence (Deem, 2009). However, the intelligent design theory does not name the designer; adherents just say the designer is not supernatural or divine (Deem, 2009). In fact, that is  one of the criticisms of the intelligent designer theory - the designer is not identified (Deem, 2009). Another criticism is that no specific model has been devised and presented (Deem,  2009). If there is no design, then, the theory and premise cannot be tested for verification or rejection (Deem, 2009). St. Thomas Aquinas, in effect, identifies the designer as God.  When people reject the idea that God created the world, that God IS the Intelligent Designer, they are basically saying that God does not exist. Aquinas developed an argument to  prove the existence of God, which he considered to be self-evident. Aquinas said that when we are not able to demonstrate the cause of something, we must look for the  effects of that something (Foutz 2003). Aquinas arguments for the existence of God are based on motion. Aquinas offered Five Ways to prove that God exists and he believed  that each of the Five Ways is sufficient proof in itself. The first three Ways, or proofs, are a cosmological argument; the fourth Way is an argument based on degree 

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