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    Who Was Philip II of Macedon?

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    In ten pages Philip II of Macedon's life and tomb with an external photo included are discussed in an examination that includes his influence upon the actions of his son, brilliant military strategist Alexander the Great. Six sources are used in the bibliography.

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    the greatest Macedonian kings, and also one of the most important political figures of antiquity. Alexander still holds the title of one of the great conquerors, and all the power  and mystery that title suggests. Yet Alexanders warrior-father, Phillip paved the way for much of his sons actions. Bibliography lists 6 sources (photo of external tomb  included). BBphilIR.doc PHILIP II of MACEDON Written by B. Bryan Babcock for the Paperstore, Inc., November 2000 Introduction  Who was buried in the recently unearthed tomb? In early 1977 it was thought to be Philip II, son of Amyntas, king of the Macedonians and Captain General of the  united Greeks. The discovery created an understandable sensation, and aroused world-wide interest in this extraordinary personality - the father of Alexander the Great. Phillip was considered one of the  paramount Macedonian kings, and also one of the most important political figures of antiquity. Yet Alexander still holds the title of "the great conqueror, with all the power and mystery  that the title suggests. Yer Alexanders warrior-father, paved the way for many of his sons actions. The death of Phillip II of Macedon (336 BC)  by Diodorus Siculus. (Diodorus of Sicily) 16. 92. 5 The father of Alexander wanted to enter war once more, however he wished the approval of the gods before he did  so. To help him decide, he visited the Oracle and "asked the Pythia whether he would conquer the king of the Persians. She gave him the following response:  Wreathed is the bull. All is done. There is also the one who will smite him. Now, Philip did not find a lot of meaning in this, but 

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