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    Wind Power and Advertising

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    This is an 8 page paper that provides an overview of wind power. The value of advertising in wind power is explored. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    of quality advertising. For this reason, whenever an advertising agency determines to enter a new industry, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the industry and market in  question. This examination should cover a variety of dimensions and explore the ultimate costs and benefits associated with entering into that market. This paper will explore a hypothetical scenario which  demonstrates the construction of such an analysis for the sake of determining the long-term feasibility of market entry. Executive Summary Alternative energy resources are a growing market in  the United States. The movement of this market is tied to several impacting forces, including international conflicts in the regions of the world which are responsible for the exportation of  oil (the current primary energy source) and environmental concerns about the sustainability of fossil fuel derived energy sources. One of the most exciting and fast-growing segments within this new market  is the wind industry. Harnessing power from the wind with the use of turbines is not a new science, but technology is only now being developed to allow for the  capture of wind on a large scale, such that it could be implemented on the national stage. In recent years, the market has grown by leaps and bounds and represents  more than 90% of the current newly installed capacity each year. This is in keeping with political mandates such as the Clean Energy Standards which emphasize the transition to renewable  energy sources within the next few decades. From the consumer perspective, wind power is expected to lower energy costs across the board, following an initial period of expense associated with  the high costs of wind capturing technology. With market segmentation covering a broad range of demographics including institutions, utility companies, and individual consumers, wind power is expected to continue to 

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